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Hybrid bicycle peddles into the next round of the 2010 Dyson award

A new state of the art hybrid bicycle had won the American round of the 2010 James Dyson award for inventing.

Dubbed ‘The Copehegan Wheel’ the wheel stores energy from breaking which it reuses when the rider is going up hill, giving them an extra push to the top.

The invention is the brain child of a team of MIT students and is based on the same principles used in the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) of Formula 1 race cars.

When the rider breaks energy is used to drive an electric motor, the motor generates a current which is stored in a battery on the bike. When the rider starts to go uphill or to accelerate they can use the stored energy to assist them.

Attach a Smartphone and things really get interesting. The bike’s sensors monitor speed, direction and distance and also provide information about traffic and pollution levels. Connect to the bike’s monitoring system via Bluetooth and this information will be displayed on your phone, allowing you to see your direction and speed as you peddle.

So why call the invention the Copenhagen wheel? Well the name is a tribute to the bike friendly city of Copenhagen, whose residents are already keen ambassadors for the use of two wheeled transport.

The next round of the competition takes place on August 24th with the winner announced on October 5th.

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