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How to Keep Your Horse Healthy

How to Keep Your Horse Healthy

Taking care of a horse can be a big responsibility especially with so many different grooming regimes to incorporate into your routine. Knowing the behaviour of your horse can really help when noticing whether something is wrong or it’s feeling unwell. Having your animal covered by E&L horse insurance can help if they fall ill or need immediate medical attention.

Stable Management

Checking the heart rate and body temperature of your horse against its age and fitness is the first way to check if anything is wrong. One of the key ways of ensuring your horse is healthy is to look at the ears, eyes and nose. The ears should be upright showing your horse is alert and responsive and the eyes and ears both clean without any discharge. Regularly cleaning the eyes, ears and mouth with fresh water can help to avoid dirt gathering and infections developing.


Making sure your horse has a healthy diet is vital in keeping it in good condition. Keep your horse well hydrated and with plenty of access to pastures to allow for constant grazing.  To prevent your horse from developing a sickness, try to avoid pastures that contain plants such as ragwort and yew as they are harmful to the digestive system. Any changes in your horses diet should be done gradually as a radical change can also result in illness.


Horses are incredibly social creatures and require a lot of social interaction. If left in isolation for a significant period of time they can develop high levels of stress and develop antisocial behaviour.

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