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How to deal with Strangles disease

Equine insurance customers who fear their steeds have contracted Strangles have been issued with advice by the charity World Horse Welfare.

A spokesman for the organisation stated that the first step to take is to isolate the beast from any other, because this is crucial for preventing it from spreading to other animals.

Another way to stop fellow equines getting the disease is to set aside special equipment – such as mucking out tools, water buckets and rugs – that will only be used on the affected creature.

Seeking veterinary help early on was also recommended by the organisation.

“Treatment in the early stages will greatly reduce the severity and duration of the illness,” the representative commented.

Those who fear their animals might contract Strangles may want to take out a horse insurance policy to help cover any vet bills incurred while equines are ill.

Earlier this month, there was a confirmed case of Strangles on Guernsey, which led to the cancellation of some equestrian events.

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