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How Far Does Your Caravan Insurance Go?

How Far Does Your Insurance Go?

When taking out your caravan insurance it’s a good idea to check how far your cover goes. Sometimes pushing past the limits can mean the insurers refuse to pay out if they feel you have neglected to take good care of your caravan.

Top Gear Antics

The boys from the BBC’s Top Gear motoring show famously push caravans to their limit all in the name of fun. But it’s unlikely they would stand a chance in the claims court when it comes to the insurance companies.

When Jeremy Clarkson accidentally set fire to his caravan while cooking his dinner parked up on a site, it’s likely he would have received cover. However, the same can’t be said for the other Top Gear antics. We’re pretty sure that when Top Gear chose to play conkers with their caravans dangling from cranes, that they won’t be covered for accidental damage. Public liability insurance is also unlikely to pay out if your caravan is attached to an air-ship and crashes back down to earth.

Insurance Goes Further Than We Think

For the slightly more restrained caravanner the good news is that insurance sometimes does go further than we think. If you’re caught out in a monsoon and have to ride out the storm the insurance will look after the damage. It will even pay for replacement hire, and if the damaged caravan was new enough the cover on it with be New For Old.

As long as you don’t take liberties like the men in Top Gear, it’s likely your caravan will be safe and covered by the insurers in the event of anything going wrong.

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