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Horses ‘might need fatty acids supplements’

Horse insurance customers might need to supplement their steeds’ diets with fatty acids supplements, an expert has suggested.

In an article published on theHorse.com, chief science officer for Uckele Health & Nutrition Jack Grogan said diets with higher fat contents may increase the amount of time horses can perform for without fatiguing.

He claimed “typical equine diets today” tend to lack this important nutrition because hay is dried and grains are often processed.

Mr Grogan explained this reduces the natural fatty acid content of these foodstuffs – an assertion that might prompt equine insurance customers to supplement their animals’ diets.

Indeed, the expert said this can be an effective method for “lowering the risk of injury, improving the ability to maintain body weight with less grain and reducing the risk of colic and founder”.

This comes after research conducted by the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences at Aberystwyth University in collaboration with the Waltham Equine Studies Group indicated that ponies with less grazing time tend to eat more to compensate.

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