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Horses cause havoc with South Shields sports pitches

Horse insurance customers in South Tyneside might find their local stables have been approached by the council and asked not to let equines on to sports pitches.

While there are bridal paths in Temple Park and other places in South Shields, there are concerns that too many riders are having a good gallop on open spaces reserved for outdoors games, reports the Shields Gazette.

This is not a banned activity, but officials in the area are appealing to individuals not to indulge in this, however tempting it may seem.

Councillor George Elsom, a Real Independent representative of the Cleadon Park Ward, noted that there are safety issues for footballers, who could trip on divots left by horses’ hooves.

Those with equine insurance might also heed his advice for the sake of their own animals, because he noted that some of the parks are close to main roads.

“If a horse bolts, it could be very dangerous. They are large animals which sometimes have a mind of their own,” he commented.

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, motorists and individuals mounted on horses are both responsible for safety when equines are being ridden on the road.

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