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Horse whisperer to work with rare ponies in Snowdonia

A horse whisperer has been called in to work with semi-feral ponies in Snowdonia to help prevent them from becoming endangered, horse insurance customers might be intrigued to learn.

Barry Thomas, who learned some of his skills from American trainer Monty Roberts, will try to get the creatures more used to humans, reports BBC News.

There are fewer than 300 mares left in the Carneddau mountains and the Carneddau Pony Society (CPS) hopes Mr Thomas will be able to break the animals in.

He will take two creatures from the wild and work with them to see if his methods are effective.

Gareth Wyn Jones, secretary of the CPS, commented: “If it works, the value of the ponies could rise to as much as £300 each.”

This may mean that those buying the animals are more likely to invest in equine insurance as the value of the creatures increases.

This comes after the National Trust announced that 30 Welsh mountain ponies will be brought to England to graze land in Bickerton, as recently reported by the Daily Post.

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