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Horse rescued from drain using manure

Equine insurance customers may be interested to learn how one group of cowboys in the US saved a horse from a drainage system using manure.

The five men were attending a roping competition in Memphis when they came across a large number of people surrounding the animal, the Los Angeles Times reports.

One of the men, Philip Murrah, explained what had happened: “The horse [came] around the curve right there on the street and some manure was on the street. It was like slick ice and the horse just went down [the drain].”

However, Mr Murrah noted that the manure was also key in saving the creature from its predicament.

It acted as a lubricant, he explained, allowing the group to slide the animal out from the hole.

Elsewhere, firefighters in the UK recently saved a horse stuck in mud near Tiverton, the Mid Devon Star reported, with the rescue operation taking around one hour and 20 minutes in total.

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