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Horse insurance claims to go up in Angus and Tayside?

The number of people claiming on their equine insurance policies in Angus and Tayside is at risk of rising due to fears that the area is being targeted by horse thieves.

Fiona Stuart, coordinator with Horsewatch Scotland, told the Montrose Review that owners should be on their guard against potential thefts.

The expert recommended taking irregular visits to see their animals to make it harder for criminals to work out when the paddocks or stables will be unattended.

Rumours on Facebook have prompted fears after one horse was found with its mane braided.

While Ms Stuart noted that this could be the result of wind tangles and said there have been no direct links with thefts, some owner in the area, who may have horse insurance policies, are suspicious.

It was suggested that the braiding is a way for a “spotter” to mark out an animal to be targeted by thieves.

Last year, Fife Constabulary issued a warning to equine insurance owners in the area, saying that there had been a number of thefts and that braiding should be reported to officers, BBC News reported.

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