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‘Horse boarding’ the latest extreme sports craze?

Adrenaline junkies across the UK might start looking into horse insurance as they get hooked on the latest extreme sports trend.

What has become known as ‘horse boarding’ involves tying a rope to an animal’s saddle, jumping on a mountain board and holding on tight while the animal hits up to 35 mph in five strides, reports the Daily Mail.

Daniel Fowler-Prime said “the acceleration is explosive”, adding that there is a great deal of skill required by the rider and boarder who have to work together.

“‘We have people from all over the country coming to the training ground to try it. It’s very accessible for people of all abilities, you only need a bit of space and a lot of guts,” he asserted.

Those who become proficient at the activity can even try taking on jumps and ramps.

Another extreme sport equine insurance customers may want to have a go at is horse surfing, which sees participants towed by the animal through shallow water while standing on a kite board.

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