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‘Homing cat’ navigated two miles of sewer tunnels

The Young family may be among those considering looking for cheap cat insurance following the safe return of their moggy Midnight.

After ten days with no sign of the feline, they were beginning to give up hope of recovering their pet, Jeanette Young told the Daily Mail.

However, a neighbour heard mewing sounds from under a manhole cover near their home and alerted Ms Young.

After water company Severn Trent was called in, a filthy Midnight was rescued from the sewers.

The cat’s owner revealed that the workmen said the nearest place she could have got into the system was located two miles away, prompting Ms Young to add: “It’s like a Disney movie.

“It is absolutely amazing. She is so clever. How on earth did she find her way back home underground?”

Another furry friend recently reunited with his owners was Fudge the cat, who went missing for 15 months after jumping out of a car on the way to a cattery.

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