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Holidays ‘a great way to unwind’

Taking out camping insurance and booking a holiday from work may be one way for individuals to de-stress.

Christine Webber, a psychotherapist speaking on behalf of travel company Kuoni, explained how many individuals are in need of a vacation in order to unwind from their hectic daily lives.

Upon returning, she noted that it is a good idea not to fall back into the same routines and instead try and make life less chaotic.

“It is quite important having had the holiday to recharge, that you don’t then come back and do absolutely everything as you were before,” Ms Webber said.

It was suggested that going for walks on a weekend and getting up half an hour earlier for a commute could help prevent people from burning out.

Her comments follow a recent survey by Kuoni that found 75 per cent of individuals admitted to acting out of character while on holiday.

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