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Hints and tips for people purchasing a horsebox

Horseboxes are needed by horse owners that are travelling to events and competitions with their horses. People in the equestrian world normally would choose between a horse trailer (towed by a car) or a motorised horsebox. The advantage of a motorised horsebox is that you can take more than two horses. Whereas, a horse trailer has a maximum capacity of two horses – some trailers only have room for one horse. When needing a horsebox for transportation it is important to look at the horsebox for sale sections in magazines and newspapers. There is also the option to buy straight from a dealer – most dealerships have both brand new and second hand horseboxes for you to choose from. Some horsebox dealerships even allow you to custom-build a box like Katie Price did in 2009. She opted for a pink, sparkly princess horse box. The internet is another good place to start looking for a horsebox. There are dedicated sites with adverts for Horseboxes for Sale. There will normally be a picture and text description on the internet whereas in a magazine or newspaper the space may be limited.

There are many things that you need to consider when buying a horsebox:

First of all you must choose the size of horsebox you require. The smallest horsebox is 3.5 ton which accommodates between 2 and 3 horses and the larger boxes weigh 7.5 tons which will accommodate up to 4-5 horses. You should always check your drivers licence as the bigger the horsebox the more likely you are to need a special driving licence in order to be able to drive it.

You should take an experienced person with you to view the horsebox that you are looking to buy as they will be knowledgeable on the ins and outs that you may miss.

Make sure that you thoroughly check the flooring of the horsebox. Most horseboxes will have a rubber flooring over a wooden flooring. The main thing to check with flooring is that the floor has not rotted due to horses urinating on the floor.

Check the ramp is in working order and that one person can lift the ramp by themselves or if it takes several people to lift it. At this point it is also worth checking the springs for rust and for good working order.

Your budget will be a determining factor on what size/spec horsebox you buy.

Decide upon the spec that you want. There are expensive, elite models available to buy on the market. These horseboxes come with all sorts of added extras but most horseboxes will have a sleeping area, a kitchen, a bathroom/toilet and a decent sized horse transportation area.

Finally once all the checks have been made and you have decided upon your budget, size of horsebox to buy and the specification that you like take the horsebox for a test drive. Drive the horsebox and see how well it moves, manoeuvres and reverses.

Once you have purchased your horsebox the next step is to take out horsebox insurance. E&L offer motorised horsebox insurance online only. To find out more information visit www.eandl.co.uk/horse-box.

Source: www.mike-motors.com/hints-for-people-ersearching-horseboxes-for-sale/ 15th January 2010

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