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Hero dog awards nominees announced

Among the brave pooches nominated for the Sun’s hero dog award are a sniffer dog, search and rescue animal and a border collie that saved the life of a toddler.

Pet insurance customers may already have heard the story of Theo the Springer Spaniel that died of a heart attack soon after his handler was shot in Afghanistan.

The pair uncovered a record number of weapons and bombs during their time working together.

Other creatures in line for the gong are a canine that works with the fire service and who helped rescue efforts in Haiti and a Staffordshire bull-terrier and Rottweiler cross called Benson, who alerted his owners to the presence of a man having a heart attack while he was out for his walk.

Brin, a Kuchi, was another hero from Afghanistan nominated for his bravery. Unlike Theo he was untrained, yet he was spotted barking at a pile of stones that it later emerged hid a bomb.

Earlier this month, Piper the guide dog received a certificate for bravery from the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals after guiding his owner home despite being mauled by another canine.

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