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Hastings Borough Council in a mess over their dog fouling campaign

A recent marketing campaign launched by Hastings Borough Council designed to get dog owners to clean up after their pets has caused a stir amongst local residents.

The posters and car stickers feature a particularly divisive expletive in it’s strap lines, such as “Oi! Have you got S**t for brains?”, “We’re not taking your s**t anymore” and “Sort your S**t out”.

Whilst councillors have justified the use of swearing as necessary for getting peoples attention to this serious problem, a significant amount of local population regard the campaign as “unnecessarily offensive.”

One local resident, who wishes to remain nameless described the wording of the campaign as “horrid”. She posed the question, “What kind of impression does this give of Hastings as a town?

The mother of two also added, “Plus I don’t want to have to be explaining to my children why they can’t use that word but it’s Ok to see it on posters.”

Councillor Phil Scott defended the £4000 marketing campaign by saying, “ Yes, these posters are hard-hitting and yes they make you look twice but we want the small minority of dog owners to be very aware that we will not tolerate this behaviour.”

Kevin Boorman, a council spokesperson also added that, “We don’t like people taking dog mess home. We don’t like people treading people in it. We don’t like children playing in it. We want to stop it. This will help do that.”

He concluded, “The overwhelming support so far is for the campaign, not against it”.

Do you agree with this marketing campaign? Are you a dog owner who is fed up with other lazy dog owners giving you a bad name?

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