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Hampshire horses ‘in desperate need of land’

Horse insurance customers might sympathise with the plight of 30 animals in Hampshire that are in dire need of a new home.

The owner of the equines, Jillian Hall, takes in abandoned and mistreated horses, but she has been asked to vacate the land with her hoofed companions, reports the Portsmouth News.

“We are trying to reach out and see if there’s anyone who can help us. We have 30 horses here and about a third of them have been rescued,” she said.

As well as looking after equines in need, Ms Hall also works with autistic children and youngsters from social services.

She said she hopes someone has a parcel of land that can be rented for her four-legged friends to live on.

Pony insurance customers might be concerned about recent claims that the number of Dartmoor hill ponies is on the decline.

Robert Steemson, of the Dartmoor National Park Authority, told BBC News that the animals are crucial in maintaining the biodiversity of the area.

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