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Guide dog leads blind dog

One pooch who may be hoping his new owner takes out proper dog insurance is Zac the Jack Russell, who relies on his companion Lilli to act as his eyes.

The canine went blind some years ago but since then he has become inseparable from Lilli, who stays at his side while out on walks, reports the Daily Mail.

However, the pair were taken in by the Blue Cross after their owner moved overseas, so the animal charity is searching for a suitable person to look after them both.

Sarah Bussell, of the Tiverton branch of the charity, commented: “Zac sniffs and smells Lilli and stays close to her so he can tell which way to go when they are out and about.”

She added that Lilli is “very patient” with her canine friend and physically guides him by nudging him.

Last year the guide dog of the year 2010 award was given to an animal called Gino, who has an uncanny ability to sense when people are unwell or about to have a seizure.

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