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GPS tracker ‘helps recover 2 stolen caravans’

Two mobile home owners may have been saved from having to claim on their caravan insurance after a satellite device helped reunite them with their property.

Phantom’s tracking unit and motion detection equipment allowed operators in the company’s control room to locate the stolen units to within eight feet of their destination.

One criminal was caught after the technology alerted workers at the firm that a caravan had been taken from outside a home in Warwickshire.

Police were informed and the suspect was apprehended within 32 minutes after officers set up a rolling road block on the M40.

In the second incident, control operators tracked down a stolen motorhome that was subsequently abandoned and directed police to its whereabouts.

According to Phantom, the GPS technology allows the organisation to boast a 70-minute average recovery time for each theft and helps protect more than 18,000 caravan owners’ assets.

The devices are hidden within the mobile homes so that criminals do not notice the tracking systems.

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