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Going On Holiday but Leaving Your Dog At Home?

Leaving Your Dog at Home When Going on Holiday

Easter is a popular time of year for holidaymaking, whether it’s a week by the sea or a weekend in the city, many people will be itching to pack their bags. While you might be able to leave packing to the last minute, if you have pets you’ll want to sort out accommodation and care for them as soon as possible.

Kennels and Catteries

Asking friends or family to take care of your pets might be an option for some, but there are lots of pet owners that will have no option but to leave their pet at a kennel or a cattery. Research the options around your area carefully, ideally you should visit them first to make sure you can trust they will provide the level of care your pet needs.


While quality kennels and catteries are staffed by people more than capable of looking after your dog or cat there is still the possibility that they could become injured or ill in your absence. Compare pet insurance plans to make sure that your pet will be covered for any injuries or illness sustained while away from home.


Any reputable kennel or cattery won’t accept pets without up to date vaccinations. Thankfully many pet insurance plans include vaccinations, so all you have to do is make sure you get your pet to a vet in the correct time frame.

Give Your Pet an Enjoyable Holiday

If you choose a high quality kennel or cattery there’s no reason your pet can’t have a good time while you’re away. You can make their trip a bit more comfortable by providing your pet’s usual food or bringing along a toy or blanket that they particularly like.

Knowing that your pet is staying somewhere it will be well-cared for, and covered by pet insurance should allow you peace of mind should anything happen in your absence, resulting in you being able to leave your worries at home and enjoy yourself.

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