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Glenys and Foxy Lady


For horse owners, sometimes the most innocuous incidents can end up taking the most time to resolve. It can be a frustrating and sometimes upsetting process but, with the right support in place, you can definitely alleviate some of the stress. When Glenys Cornwell went to get Foxy Lady in from the field, she discovered blood down her mare’s leg.

“It turned out that another horse had kicked her in the knee. Foxy is very active so when she refused to move, we knew something was up with her,” Glenys recalled. She wasted no time in getting in touch with the right people. “I called the equine vet and she said there was a deep cut which needed to be x-rayed at a specialist vet’s centre. The x-ray revealed that a chip of bone had broken off inside her knee and it needed to be removed. She had a course of antibiotics, plus dressings, followed by more x-rays and a scan and lots of box rest. Our equine vet visited regularly to check on her progress.”

A Long Period of Treatment

Despite it being a relatively insignificant-seeming injury, it took a lot of time and effort to get Foxy Lady well again, so how did Glenys feel about it all? “I was worried about the claims process but actually found it really easy and straightforward. Foxy’s treatment took a long time, so I phoned for advice at one point and the operator was very helpful. I also found that emails were answered quickly, which meant I could complete my claim easily.”

Foxy the Beach Bay

Thanks to help and support from the vets, specialist and E&L, Glenys was able to get her mare better again, so how is she doing now? “Foxy Lady is a bay eleven-year-old who leads a very active life. This injury was a setback but she is back to full health now, I just need to improve her fitness and she will be able to lead her normal healthy lifestyle. She loves going out and about, especially to the beach! Foxy loves jumping and dressage and she’s entered many competitions. She’s up for anything and loves it when the horse box comes out as she knows it will be going somewhere exciting!”

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