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Fishermen land giant catfish in Italy

Three men were dragged nearly a mile as they battled with a giant catfish that was caught on the River Po in Italy.

Stefan Seuss, Uli Schuppler and Patrick Nimz finally landed the 218lb beast after guiding into the shallows, where they posed for a photograph with the 7ft 8ins monster, the Sun reports.

Individuals planning to catch their own catfish may want to consider investing in angling insurance after hearing how the powerful creature towed the trio along in a motorised dingy.

Mr Seuss stated: "It was the hardest fight from a catfish I have ever witnessed. When a fish runs off like that we have no choice but to follow it."

After getting photographic proof of the giant beast, the fishermen returned the catfish to the river.

Elsewhere, it was recently reported that British man Bruce Dale is thought to have netted the biggest ever catfish found in Thailand after casting a line at a fishery in the country.

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