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Garden centre workers find kittens in roof

Employees at a garden centre in West Parley were surprised to find a litter of five kittens in the roof of their workplace, news that might delight cat insurance customers.

Staff in the computer room at Golden Acres heard sounds coming from the roof and on closer inspection discovered a family of felines, reports the Bournemouth Echo.

Animal welfare officer Paula Pelosi told the publication: “If a mum needs to find somewhere warm they go into all sorts of places.”

Ms Pelosi said the mother and kittens – three tabbies and two black cats – are doing well.

This is the first time the Bournemouth and District branch of Cats Protection had been called out to claim a family of cats from a garden centre roof, she added.

Last month, workers at Steere House nursing home in the US claimed that Oscar the cat is able to predict which residents are likely to die within 24 hours, reported the Sun.

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