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Fudge the cat returned to owners after 15 months

A family from Privett might be consideringĀ cat insurance for their moggy after he was returned to them after 15 months.

Fudge escaped from the car on the way to the cattery he was meant to stay at while the Wood family went on holiday.

The seven-month-old kitten ran off into the trees and despite the best efforts of his owners, they could not find him in the months to come.

However, there were soon reports that a large ginger cat was chasing rabbits in the area and on further investigation Fudge was found to be living nearby.

Staff at the park that became the home of the moggy for 15 months set a fox trap to catch him safely and he was soon returned to the family home.

Karen Wood commented: “He’s so calm and affectionate so there will be no problem with him being integrated back into the family.”

This comes after Wigan Council revealed that the fees for returning stray dogs to their owners might be increased.

SomeĀ cat insurance policies can help provide funds for owners who want to make every effort to recover lost pets.

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