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‘Frisbee catching’ dropped from dog show due to health and safety fears

In a world where health and safety laws sometimes go to extremes it would seem that your local dog show is not immune.
The forthcoming Scruffs dog show which is due to take place shortly in Keswick, Cumbria did have plans to include a prize for the highest Frisbee jump as well as the highest biscuit catch but sadly this is no longer going to happen.
Organisers have dropped the Frisbee catching altogether amid fears that pets could injure themselves. It has also amended the biscuit catching contest so all animals must do this from a seated position.
The show has been organised as Keswick has been named by the Kennel Club as the country’s most dog friendly town. A spokeswoman for the Kennel Club commented that the Kennel Club encourages fun sports and activities for dogs to keep them fit and healthy but it has concerns with the game of Frisbee which can cause injury to the animal if the Frisbee is thrown at a great height or an awkward angle due to the animal having to jump and twist.
It is believed that the recent changes were due to another dog show where one of the animals injured its back and the owners held the contest’s organisers liable.
The other classes which have managed to remain in the show include…
Dog with most appealing eyebrows, dog with shortest legs, dog with longest ears, dog with waggiest tail, best fancy dressed dog, smiliest dog, naughtiest dog, scruffiest dog and dog with the longest tongue.
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