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Frequently Asked Questions When Caring for Your Horse

Frequently Asked Questions about Your Horse

Do I Really Need Horse Insurance?

If your horse becomes injured or ill, getting them the specialist treatment they need can be extremely expensive. Horse insurance is the best way to protect against the unexpected and the risk of not having insurance really isn’t worth it. Insurers with experience in equine and livestock will provide you with complete peace of mind.

 What Vaccinations Does My Horse Need?

Vaccines that protect horses from equine influenza and tetanus are the most important vaccinations for your horse, but there are others available, such as equine viral arteritis, if you want your horse to have extra protection.

When Does My Horse Need To See a Farrier?

A horse’s hooves are constantly growing and so it’s important that a farrier re-shoes your horse every six weeks.

Where is the Best Place to Keep a Horse?

There are a wide range of liveries available, with facilities depending on the price you pay. A DIY livery is not necessarily any worse than a full livery, but you will have to provide all the care and exercise for your horse yourself or arrange for someone to step in if you can’t.

Measures To Take to Prevent Injury While Riding My Horse

Always remember that just like humans horses need to warm up before doing any strenuous activity, so don’t start galloping straight away. Walk your horse for several minutes, before building up to a trot and a canter.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

While you can learn lots about how to care for a horse by reading a book or searching on the internet, you can get expert advice from your vet or other horse owners. Don’t be shy about asking them for help, they’ll be glad to make sure your horse is kept happy and healthy.

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