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Footing ‘an effective way to manage mud around stables’

Horse insurance customers who have problems with mud around their barn might consider following the example of other equine owners by putting footing in place.

Footing includes crushed gravel and shredded wood products and a recent poll by theHorse.com found that 65 per cent of respondents use this in high traffic areas.

Another popular strategy for preventing barns from becoming waterlogged was to have a water diversion plan, with 45 per cent of people saying this was their method of choice.

Having a manure management programme, overseeding pastures and using geotextile fabric with footing were other techniques chosen by readers.

One person advised: “Keep the horses out of it [the mud] as much as possible by taking them to pasture by a different route.”

In an article for Suite101, Kirsty Jenkins said outdoor horses do not need much grooming because it is important that they retain the natural oils in their coat, but added that owners should check them thoroughly for injuries.

Having equine insurance might help those with horses to pay for treatment if they find there is a problem with their animal.

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