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Flintshire horses ‘might be scared by new adventure sport’

A planning application for a site where the adventure sport zorbing will be made available may be refused because it could prove dangerous to horse insurance customers in the area.

The British Horse Society suggested that those who use the bridleway near Bryn Coch Farm could find the activity affects their horse while they are out riding, reports BBC News.

Zorbing involves individuals climbing into a large inflatable ball about three metres in diameter and rolling down a hill, which in some cases is as long as half a mile.

“Horses are prey animals whose only defence is flight and who have all-round vision and extremely acute hearing, it is believed they would be absolutely terrified by this activity,” it stated.

A planning report added that the local authority believes that the activity could have an adverse effect on the “safety and enjoyment” of riders in the area while on the bridleway.

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