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Fishing trip becomes three-week ordeal

A pair of Jamaicans who went through a three-week ordeal on a fishing trip have told of how their belief in God helped them to survive the incident.

Everton Gregory, 54, and John Sobah, 58, aimed to spend only a couple of days fishing, but ended up stuck under an intense sun for hundreds of miles in the Caribbean for three weeks.

They told the Associated Press that they were able to survive the incident by eating raw fish and drinking water from melted ice.

The men were treated for dehydration, malnutrition and hypothermia after they were eventually rescued by the Colombian navy.

"I'm not going to go fishing again. No way," said Mr Sobah, who added: "I just had that belief. "I believe in the creator."

The trip had gone wrong when the engine on the fishing boat malfunctioned, leaving the vessel drifting further away from Jamaica.

Mr Sobah and Mr Gregory may make a fishing insurance claim as a result of their ordeal.

This coincides with news that a group of fishermen were arrested and charged on suspicion of being drunk after being rescued from waters off Campbeltown Loch, the Daily Record recently reported.

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