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Fishes return to improved rivers

Angling insurance customers may be pleased to hear that a number of waterways in Britain have been rejuvenated in recent years.

The Environment Agency has released information on the top ten most improved rivers in Britain, with many now suitable for fishing.

Ian Barker, head of land and water at the Environment Agency, said: "Britain's rivers are the healthiest for over 20 years and otters, salmon and other wildlife are returning for the first time since the industrial revolution."

The Wear in County Durham is now one of the top two waterways in the country for catching salmon, after work has been carried out to improve the local sewerage infrastructure.

In 1965 just two salmon were caught in the then-filthy river, which contrasts with the 1,531 hooked in 2010.

Meanwhile, the River Wandle in London is noted as having become one of the best urban coarse fisheries in the UK, despite its history of extreme pollution.


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