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Fishermen urged to discard hooks carefully

Angling insurance customers may be more wary about what they do with their used fish hooks following one woman's plea to take more care.

In an interview with the BBC, Debbie Heuer explained how her ten-week-old border collie Deefa had to undergo emergency surgery after swallowing two hooks.

"I know most anglers are very responsible… but everybody who uses the beaches needs to consider the consequences of their actions," the animal lover stated.

Vet Jon Wray, who operated on Deefa, commented that "this was a potentially life-threatening situation".

The young dog had been chewing on a discarded fishing line left on a Norfolk beach when the incident occurred.

Despite two barbed hooks embedding in the puppy's oesophagus, the animal has made a full recovery and is expected to have no long-term problems.

Elsewhere, the Sun recently reported how pedigree boxer dog Poppy had to undergo surgery after swallowing a four-inch Smurf toy.

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