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Fisherman returns from sea with his new Bride and a £100m yacht

Guy Barnett, a Dartmouth fisherman caused a bit of a stir in the Dartmouth harbour this week when he returned home married and in a £100m luxury vessel.

Guy had left the small fishing village eight years ago, swapping his life taking tourists mackerel fishing to work as a deck hand for John Risley, the owner of seafood giant Clearwater Seafoods.

Guy found more than dirty decks on board when he meet Risley’s daughter Sarah.

The couple fell head over heels in love and married in Nova Scotia, Canada, on Friday.

Not wanting their friends in Dartmouth to miss out on the celebrations, the couple decided to return to Britain for a wedding reception and Sarah’s father was happy for them to borrow the family’s yacht for the occasion.

Pulling into Dartmouth harbour on a 240ft floating palace the newlyweds certainly made an entrance.

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