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Fire fighters rescue 35-year-old pony

Staffordshire fire fighters were called out recently to rescue a 35-year-old pony that got stuck in a muddy trench, veteran horse insurance customers might be interested to learn.

Volvo was discovered buried in mud and despite the owners bringing in a tractor to move him, the equine remained stuck, reports The Sentinel.

Helen Lloyd said she feared her pony would not have long to live as the risk of hypothermia increased the longer he was left, particularly as he had recently suffered from colic.

However, seven fire fighters were called in to shovel out the mud around Volvo’s legs and eventually he was freed with the tractor.

“He was really calm in the middle of everything. I and one of the other horses in the field stayed with him the whole time,” said ten-year-old pony rider Beth Barnett, who was the one who discovered him in his predicament.

Those with older animals may want to take out equine insurance policies to help pay vet bills when they arise.

This comes after US publication the Daily Tidings reported that staff at Ashland Fire & Rescue had received training for resuscitating pets.

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