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Fire fighters attend blaze on a houseboat

One houseboat owner may have to claim on their narrow boat insurance after reports that a property was destroyed by a fire.

Fire fighters were called to the blaze at 03:30 GMT on Sunday (February 13th), according to the Richmond and Twickenham Times.

A security guard spotted the flames but the boat was gutted by the time the emergency service workers arrived on the scene.

Mark Edwards, owner of nearby Richmond Bridge Boat Houses, explained that the fire was an accident.

“There was a guy who had stayed on the boat overnight and he woke up early in the morning and lit the wood burning stove because he was cold … and something happened,” he said.

Mr Edwards added that the boat was previously very well cared for and had an attractive interior.

Elsewhere, a boat moored in Scalloway Harbour in the Shetland Isles suffered fire damage following a blaze last night (February 14th).

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