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Fight for University Places

Students across Britain are challenging their grades after receiving their A-Level results on Thursday 20th August. Sixth form students rely on their grades matching their predicted grades in able to get into university. However many students have been left broken hearted as their grades haven’t matched their expectations. Furious students have sent their exam papers back to the exam board to have them remarked in the hope that their grade will increase. Universities however have warned that even if their grades go up that they will not be guaranteed a place starting in this September 2009.

The Director of Admissions at Manchester University says “Our feeling is that – as securing a place at university intensifies – students who narrowly missed out on their grades are requesting re-marks in order to obtain their first or second choices. We will endeavour to honour students a place to study with us next year if they are successful in obtaining the required grades to satisfy their offer through a re-mark although they may have to defer for a year.” However by law universities are not obliged to offer a place to a student that gets their grade through a re-mark. However they are ‘honour bound’ to take them the following year.

Many students do end up in this situation but it is advised to use your time effectively by going travelling, doing voluntary work or by getting work experience in the subject you are planning to study at university. This year has seen an all time high in students applying to go to university. Over 610,000 people applied to go to university in September 2009. In accordance with the rise in applicants there was a rise in successful applicants reaching their required grades (371,000). Universities are now warning that because of this rise in applicants deferring to go to university next year that the application process may be even tougher come September 2010.

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Source: The Independent Newspaper Online – Re-marks Soar as Students try to Make Grade – 23rd August 2009

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