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Fancy pigeons found in Edinburgh

The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has taken in eight fancy pigeons after being alerted to their presence in Holyrood Park.

Those with bird insurance may have a similar creature bred to emphasise certain characteristics – such as a large tail or frilled chest – but which sometimes has difficulty flying as a result.

According to Scottish SPCA ambulance driver Mairi Stewart, this is the reason the animals found at the Edinburgh park could not have got there by themselves and which led her to believe they were abandoned.

“This was a cruel and irresponsible act. Whoever dumped them obviously didn’t care what happened to them as they could have easily become prey for foxes,” she commented.

Britons who are worried about the financial implications of pet ownership may want to consider taking out bird insurance to help them cover vet bills if they arise.

One famous pigeon lover is boxer Mike Tyson, who reportedly got in his first fight over one of the animals.

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