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Family appeals for return of stolen bikes

A family from Birkdale may be wishing they had invested in bicycle insurance after thieves stole four two-wheelers from their home.

Rachel Vazquez told the Southport Visitor how the modes of transport were worth £4,000 collectively and were taken from the property at sometime between 11:30 BST on Saturday (May 14th) and 00:30 BST on Sunday.

She explained how the bikes were removed from her father’s garage and were used regularly by the family.

“My dad cycles and my daughter goes with him. I bought her the bike last year and I’m still paying it off. It’s heartbreaking,” Ms Vazquez stated.

Her father’s cycle was specially designed as he is 6 ft 6 in tall and is estimated to be worth £2,500.

The other two models taken were a ladies mountain bike and a silver Specialized Rock Hopper.

Earlier this week, the Bournemouth Echo reported how Paul Bartlett had his bicycle stolen from outside the town’s hospital as he accompanied his son to an eye appointment.

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