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Elvis Presley went on a horse 'spending spree'

It was well known that Elvis Presley was slightly nervous of horses as he was involved in an equine accident when on set filming for a movie. However his wife, Priscilla, loved horses and Elvis would support her hobby by purchasing her horses. It didn’t take too long for Elvis to overcome his fears and he too bought himself an equine companion. Priscilla Presley said in the up and coming documentary titled Elvis, by the Presley’s, “he wanted a golden palomino. He would get up at 3am to go and look for them.” As the word spread that it was Elvis Presley looking for a palomino horses, he was approached by someone wishing to sell him a palomino horse. Elvis Presley bought the horse and renamed it Rising Sun. He kept the horses all in an American Barn style stables and renamed this to House of the Rising Star. Priscilla says that he used to enjoy his early morning hacks the best as he enjoyed getting out in the fresh, crisp air.

After his infatuation with Rising Sun he decided to commence buying horses for all of his friends and family. Priscilla says “It didn’t matter if you wanted one or not, you were getting a horse.” Elvis ended up buying a 163 acre ranch to accommodate all the horses that he bought! The last equine companion that Elvis bought was a stunning two year old black TWH colt who he named Carbon Copy. Graceland is where he kept all the horses and after his death the stables were opened up in the 1980s to the public.

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