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Ellie the drug buster puts her feet up

Ellie a spaniel, who has been fighting crime for over 7 years and is reported to have seized over £1 million worth of drugs, firearms and cash through out her career as a police sniffer dog is finally taking retirement.

She was used by the Avon and Somerset Constabulary as an active search dog to locate suspicious items.

She is now enjoying a life of retirement in rural Devon with her new family, Annie Higgins and her partner Mike Ashwin.

Anne said, “Ellie was brilliant at her work. She was so good she was worked hard and retired early after 7½ years. She’d go into a house or a car and get manic when she picked up a scent. When she retired we found she had seized over £1million worth of illegal drugs as well as firearms and cash.”

Anne said that is has taken a while for Ellie to get used to a slower pace of life as she is often quite hyper active and it takes her a while to chill out.  However, she comes in handy when she’s lost a wallet or purse.

She added,” She’s not a licensed police dog any more, but we do demonstrations at youth clubs and so on to show kids how a police dog will work.A retired police dog does need a lot of exercise and Ellie gets plenty of that.’

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