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Dumfries and Galloway horse insurance customers warned about Strangles

Horse insurance customers in Dumfries and Galloway may need to claim on their policy if they do not heed a warning about Strangles disease issued by the British Horse Society (BHS).

The organisation stated that owners of equines in the region should be on the watch for symptoms such as nasal discharge, fever and loss of appetite, reports the Galloway Gazette.

Helene Mauchlen, BHS Scotland development officer, commented: “The most important thing is that people who keep their horses in a yard that is infected absolutely must not travel and mingle with other horses.”

She added that this precaution should be maintained until a vet has visited and given the yard the all clear.

However, she urged owners of unaffected equines not to panic, but warned them to follow advice.

Last month, the owner of a horse in Guernsey might have had to claim on equine insurance when the beast tested positive for Strangles after arriving in the country with three other animals in February.

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