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Drivers heading to Europe ‘must be aware of local laws’

People who may be looking for caravan insurance in preparation for a trip to Europe this summer have been warned they should familiarise themselves with local traffic rules before they set off.

Many countries on the continent have specific requirements for equipment and documentation that a person must have with them when on the roads, the Daily Telegraph stated.

For example, France insists that all vehicles carry a fluorescent jacket to be worn in the event of a breakdown, while many nations, including Germany, mandate that a warning triangle and first aid supplies be part of a car’s kit.

Although people who will be staying within the borders of the EU will not need any special documentation, they will be required to show both parts of their driving licence if requested, along with registration and insurance details.

Individuals planning a tour around Europe may like to take in Germany, as it was recently stated by Klaus Lohmann, UK director of the country’s National Tourist Office, that is has a lot to offer visitors, including vibrant cities and attractive landscapes.

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