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Don't think too much when playing sports

You may think that this statement is absurd as you need to concentrate really hard when playing sports e.g. golf but in fact it has been proven if your golf swing is not quite right, try not to think about it and it should come more naturally.

A study was conducted on golfers at Chicago University. There were two groups of interviewees. The first group were a group of good golfers and the second group consisted of golfers that were poorer. They were all shown pictures of potential golf shots and they were asked how they would play the shot. The participants were undergoing brain scans as they were asked this question. The results showed that the good golfers used very little of their brain apart from the areas that deal with choices and consequences. Whereas in contrast the poorer players had difficulty filtering out irrelevant information and thought far too much about the shots. Some people were even using parts of the brain that controlled emotion.

A similar study is currently being undertaken at Surrey university with hockey players. The study hasn’t officially finished however preliminary results show that the better players use less of their brain when deciding where the hockey ball is going to go. Zoe Wimshurst is a former junior hockey international and is carrying out the study alongside sports scientist Michael Wright. She said “novices are distracted by everything going on around them. The experts are much more able to focus specifically with their eyes, and in turn with their brains.”

Research conducted at St Andrews university also supports these studies and say that it is best not to think too much. Golfers who fret about their technique are more likely to perform worse than those that are relaxed.

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Source: www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1248668/Too-thinking-damage-performance-sports.html, 5th February 2010

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