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Dog survives 200 ft fall over Dorset cliff

The owners of a border collie called Chase may have had to claim on their dog insurance after their pooch plummeted 200 ft after jumping off a cliff in Dorset.

According to Chris and Julie Roberts, the animal was about to be put on his lead when he spotted a rabbit and ran after it without realising it was next to the huge drop, reports the Daily Mail.

The coastguard was called out and the animal was retrieved after one rescuer abseiled down the cliff to save the six-year-old pet.

Despite landing on a shingle beach, the lucky canine escaped with only a broken leg, which may have led the owners to put in a claim on their pet insurance policy.

Mr Roberts, an engineer based near Southampton, commented: “The coastguard officer who abseiled down said afterwards that it was a sheer drop. I don’t know how Chase is still alive – he is extremely lucky.”

This weekend, a Springer spaniel called Sharna jumped 150 ft off a cliff in East Yorkshire, but was recovered by a lifeboat crew, who found her swimming in the sea, reported BBC News.

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