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German pointer saves owner from quicksand

Christine Smith was out walking her dog on a beach at Arnside, Cumbria when she found herself trapped and sinking fast in quicksand. She panicked and began to fear the worst, as there was no one else around to help and her mobile phone battery was flat. Fortunately for Christine her seven year old German wirehaired pointer called Matilda came to her rescue. Matilda stood firm next to her owner, whilst Christine leaned on her back and levered herself free. After struggling for 15 minutes she managed to get out of the quicksand and crawl to safety.

Dr Smith who is a married mother-of-two from Underbarrow, near Kendal said, “Matilda’s my litter star. She certainly got a lot of praise and thanks from me when I got out. She was amazing.” Christine believes that Matilda sensed that her owner was in trouble as she would normally just come up to her, jump around and then wander off. The area where Dr Smith got into trouble is notorious for dangerous quicksands at low tide. Christine is very lucky that her faithful friend was there, the general advice for if you get stuck in quicksand is to lie down and roll over.

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Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1209691/Loyal-dog-saves-life-owner-trapped-quicksand-deserted-beach.html
Dog owner survives quicksand horror thanks to Matilda, her quick-thinking German pointer

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