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Dog owners taught canine first aid

Some owners of pooches in Vienna might not have to claim on their dog insurance as much as usual after attending canine first aid classes put on by St John’s Ambulance.

Among the techniques they were trained in were resuscitation and how to bandage their four-legged friends, reports the Express.

Speaking to the Austrian Times, a spokesperson for the charity commented: “Pets now enjoy a status in many homes that really does make them part of the family. It is sensible and responsible to learn how to take care of them when they get into trouble.”

Those who attended the classes also learned how to tell when their pets were suffering from serious illnesses, as well as ways to stop bleeding.

While being able to treat canines is a useful skill for owners to learn, there might be times when dog insurance is needed to help pay vet bills.

However, Which.co.uk recently reported that only four out of ten Brits have a pet insurance policy.

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