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Dog owner warns of fishing hook dangers

Angling insurance customers may be inspired to take extra care with their discarded fishing equipment after hearing how one dog was injured after eating two hooks.

The Plymouth Herald reports how Golden retriever Treasure had to undergo emergency surgery following a walk around Mount Batten.

During the stroll, the eight-year-old swallowed two hooks that became lodged in her stomach and small intestine.

"I stopped to say goodbye to another dog owner and then I noticed a line coming out of Treasure's mouth. I met with resistance on the line so didn't pull," Treasure's owner Amanda Shelmerdine explained.

As a result of her experience, the 47-year-old urged fishermen to take care and think carefully when packing up their equipment.

Dog walkers were also encouraged to be alert when taking their pets to the Mount Batten area.

Elsewhere, Debbie Heuer recently explained in a BBC interview how her ten-week-old border collie Deefa had to have surgery after swallowing two hooks in Norfolk.

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