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Dog meant to fly to Arizona ended up in Ireland

A 6-year old dog named Hendrix was meant to fly from Newark to Phoenix but the airline made a mistake. The English springer spaniel ended up in Shannon, Ireland.

The dog’s owner was notified of the travel error only a few minutes before Hendrix was due to arrive in Arizona. She said: ‘I felt like somebody had punched me in the stomach. I mean, that’s my dog. That’s like my child.’
The owner’s daughter was apparently just as annoyed and upset after finding out the news. The daughter was due to pick up the dog in Phoenix. She said: ‘When my mom called me I was like ‘How Ireland? Not even like he went to Florida…he’s in Ireland.”

Hendrix was well taken care of by some staff who work for United Airlines – the company that created the whole mix up. The airline apologised profusely for the mistake and offered a full refund as a gesture of good will. However, the owner was not entirely satisfied with this offer and would also like some compensation. She added: ‘They [whoever is responsible] should not have their job anymore, I mean, he’s been on a plane for 24 hours.’

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