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Dog insurance customers told to keep pets on leads in Ashdown Forest

Owners of canines who walk their pooches in Ashdown Forest might have to claim on dog insurance if they do not heed a recent warning about other animals in the area.

Ashdown Forest Centre (AFC) has told pet owners that there have been a number of instances of canines chasing horses and other lifestock, reports ThisIsSussex.co.uk.

Tracey Buxton, of the AFC, explained that people were permitted to walk their hounds, but that they need to keep an eye on their behaviour.

“All we are asking is for people to keep their pets under close control. We enjoy having them here, but that freedom comes with responsibility to help us protect the livestock and the birds nesting [in] the forest,” she said.

Pooches that attack larger animals could end up sustaining an injury that could lead the owner to claim on pet insurance.

Earlier this month, the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals awarded Dotty the donkey a bravery certificate after the equine charged a dog that attacked a sheep she shared a paddock with.

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