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Dog branded a hero after saving 68-year old French woman’s life

 A French woman tried to take her own life recently in South-East France. She was planning to shoot herself but was stopped by her caring German Shepherd.

She intended to shoot herself in the head with a 22-caliber rifle. She had fired several test shots before raising the gun to her head.

According to French newspaper ‘Le Figaro’, at the moment she pulled the trigger the dog jumped up at her and moved the gun away. This resulted in her missing the shot and saved her life.

However, she did suffer minor injuries which had to be treated at hospital. It is thought that the pet sensed something was wrong and knew it had to help her. It’s well known that German Shepherds are bred mainly for their intelligence and quick reactions. Both of these traits have been shown to be present in this particular example of a German Shepherd. They are also said to be very caring and loyal to their owners, whilst being protective of their territory.

This story makes you think that dogs may be more than just your best friend, also your guardian.

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