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Dentists request free toothpaste and meet the dentist sessions for kids

Dentists are calling for free meet the dentist sessions for kids to try combat tooth decay amongst children.

Figures show that children are requiring painful treatment from an early age, some as young as two years old needing tooth extractions due to extensive decay.

Tooth decay is the most common preventable illness in children. Visiting the dentist regularly, avoiding sugary foods and spending a few minutes a day will prevent the risk of decay and other dental problems.

Dentists are attributing the high rates of decay to lack of oral hygiene and eating a poor diet containing lots of sugary food and fizzy drinks. To try and prevent dental health problems dentists are calling for free toothbrushes and toothpaste for families.

They are urging parents, nursery workers and childminders to stop rewarding children with sweets and chocolate and to supervise them brushing their teeth.

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