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Dental care ‘important for horses’

Equine insurance may help animal owners cover the expense of visiting a vet in order to check the condition of horse’s teeth.

According to the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at Texas A and M University, horses need to enjoy proper oral hygiene, just like humans.

Indeed, February is National Pet Dental Health Month and Dr Cleet Griffin, clinical assistant professor at the college, said teeth exams need to be carried out once a year for adults.

“Foals and weanlings are examined to check for proper skull and dental development as well as alignment of upper and lower jaws. This is followed by routine checkups every six months until about five years old,” he advised.

Horse insurance could help cover such trips and any treatment or medicines that may be required.

Chewing tough food grinds horses’ teeth down so regular check-ups are important, Dr Griffin added.

According to Local Riding, stabled horses’ incisors can sometimes grow too long because they do not need to shear grass – and therefore grind down teeth – like grazing horses do.

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